Mission Statement

The Lolo Jones Foundation's mission is to empower and inspire individuals who face the most socio-economical hardships to realize their full potential through engaging community programs and initiatives.

Vision and Purpose

At its core, the Lolo Jones Foundation seeks to help the following demographic(s):

  • Single Mothers
  • Families of incarcerated loved ones
  • Poverty stricken communities and youth

Statement of Value

The Lolo Jones Foundation seeks to use education as a tool against poverty to encourage others to live a life full of purpose despite hard-ships and/or setbacks

Hurdles of Hope

Hurdles of Hope is the signature program under The Lolo Jones Foundation that seeks to address barriers, and challenges of families with incarcerated loved one's. Through her personal experience and story, Lolo hopes to reach those individuals that are particularly vulnerable to the negative consequences that having an incarcerated loved one may bring. Through the foundation's mission, Lolo will educate and provide resources to individuals to overcome these barriers to inspire hope and change in the community.

For contributions and donations please mail checks payable to:

Lolo Jones Foundation
Hurdles of Hope
Post Office Box 82221
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

For questions please email

Please click here to purchase tickets to the event Des Moinces Kickoff Breakfast hosted by Lolo Jones Foundation


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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
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